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Welcome to the Association of Systematic Kinesiology of Ireland

Established in Ireland in 2000

The Associations Main Aims are:

  • To promote and support Systematic Kinesiologists
  • To help everyone discover the great value of Systematic Kinesiology
  • We ensure our Systematic Kinesiologists are supported in their endeavors to treat people effectively.
  • To maintain a register of professional Systematic Kinesiologists throughout Ireland

We ensure all our members abide by a Code of Ethics and have undergone extensive training with approved Systematic Kinesiology schools and all members must continue in Professional Development (CPD) on an annual basis.

Systematic Kinesiology

in the 1920’s an Orthopedic Surgeon, R. W. Lovett, developed a system for testing and grading the strength of muscles.

Systematic Kinesiology Muscle testIt’s a natural approach to health and well-being.

Muscle testing is a most useful way of getting to the root cause of many problems in the body.

The practitioner asks the client to hold either their leg or arm in a particular position and then applies gentle pressure. The kinesiologist will know by the response of a particular muscle where an issue exists in the body and how best to resolve it. In this way, it is the client who is providing the answers to the kinesiologist not the other way around.

Kin-easy-ology from the Greek work meaning ‘movement’ looks at the whole person. Your Mental, Chemical, Physical, and Energetic system, M.C.P.E. for short.

We understand that everything in the body is connected. Pain and discomfort in one area may be due to a weakness or imbalance elsewhere. We use gentle non-invasive techniques and encourage those muscles to work again bringing about long lasting relief.

Sometimes a physical pain may have an underlying emotional cause. Likewise an emotional problem could be due to a nutrient or vitamin deficiency. When we take all these factors into account and combine them in a treatment session we help people to resolve long standing health issues more easily.

Systematic Kinesiology is not an alternative to or a replacement for conventional medical care. However it works extremely well to complement it.

Systematic Kinesiology can help you in many different ways, here are some examples. 

Systematic Kinesiology helps to relieve stressStress

Modern day living has become extremely stressful due to the pace of life and 24/7 access to mobile technology. Living in a stressed state can cause a whole host of physical symptoms such as pain digestive problems, disrupted sleep etc. In Systematic Kinesiology we have some very simple yet powerful methods to remove the unwanted effect of stress from the physical body.  This means people need to rely less on painkillers, sleeping tablets and indigestion remedies.

Physical symptoms of stress and anxiety may include:

  • Low energy
  • Headaches
  • IBS symptoms
  • Aches, pains, and tense muscles
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat
  • Insomnia

Using Systematic Kinesiology to help with stress is that you do not have to talk about what is bothering you. Simply think about it and using muscle testing we will be able to help in a very gentle way. When we find the relevant stress or anxious thought we simply hold specific points around the head area for a few minutes. People find this very relaxing and the stressful thought seems to drift away. Afterwards that particular stress will not affect the physical body in the same way again.

Systematic Kinesiology helps people with digestive problemsDigestive problems

Do you

  • Suffer regularly from bloating or stomach cramps
  • Have bouts of diarrhoea or constipation
  • Feel tired and exhausted all the time
  • Have skin rashes and itchy skin
  • Have had medical tests but nothing shows up

If you suffer from non-serious but annoying digestive problems it is well worth checking for possible food intolerance. A food which is perfectly ok for one person may cause unpleasant symptoms for another. We are all unique and our bodies react differently to foods.

With Systematic Kinesiology we can be very specific in finding out exactly what food is not agreeing with you. Using a simple non-invasive muscle test and vials we get immediate answers. When you avoid whatever food shows up, symptoms such as bloating, cramps, skin rashes etc. often improve within days.

We can also check to see if you need any supplements to support the digestive system. If so we can find out exactly which one is best for you.

Help for lower back pain Systematic KinesiologyLower-back and Joint pain

Having lower-back pain can restrict you in so many ways

  • Bending down to put on socks is difficult
  • Stiffness on getting up from a chair
  • Carrying something heavy is difficult
  • Walking might even make the pain worse

In fact, almost every physical activity becomes much harder and takes longer.

When any of the main muscles we use for movement are not working well it puts extra pressure on smaller muscles and joints leading to stiffness, pain and inflammation.
We can test and find out exactly which muscles are not doing their job properly. We use gentle techniques to get them working again. This will often release long standing muscle spasm in the lower back and restore movement and flexibility. When we find and address the root cause of a physical problem we can give you longer lasting relief than just treating the symptoms.

We use similar methods to help you with shoulder, neck, knee and hip pain.

An ideal choice for people who have niggling muscular aches and pains.  Natural treatment at this early stage often prevents long term and more painful problems   It is also very beneficial for those who been seen by doctors and have no significant medical problem but yet still have regular pain or discomfort.

Systematic Kinesiology helps people to help themselves

Systematic Kinesiology is much more than just a passive complementary health treatment. It is a package of skills and tips which you can use to support your health and wellbeing daily.  After just a short course of treatments we will give you some simple tips to use on a regular basis for continuing home care.

Self-help for better health

Get to know the particular foods to which you are sensitive and need to reduce or avoid for a while.

What nutritional supplements will be most beneficial to take and for how long.

Simple techniques for you and your family members to help you in times of stress and upset.

We show you easy self-help techniques for physical problems such as lower back pain and other muscular aches and pain. You will rub very specific points on the body to bring ease and relief to painful muscles.

Quicker recovery from pain and injury

When clients become actively involved in helping themselves they recover much faster from pain and injury.

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Want to become a Systematic Kinesiologist?

Systematic Kinesiology Training Class
Sheila O’Hanlon – KinesiologyZone Course Leader

Approved Training Courses and Providers

KinesiologyZone For more information  click here 

Balanced Health – The foundation training cou:se available

Diploma – The professional training course available

This is run by principal Siobhan Guthrie and a team of dedicated instructors.

Training courses are available in various locations around the country.