Systematic Kinesiology

A truly holistic therapy

Helps you identify why you feel, how you feel...


Welcome to the Association of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland

Health and wellness IrelandThe Associations Main Aims are:

To help the public discover the great value of Systematic Kinesiology for the reduction of pain and stress, and enhancement of wellbeing;

To provide professionally trained people

To maintain a national register of professional Systematic Kinesiologists


Members of The Association abide by a Code of Ethics and have undergone extensive training with approved Systematic Kinesiology schools.

As an association we are passionate about promoting Systematic Kinesiology which is a whole person, natural therapy. With our clients we use the M.C.P.E. approach.  This means in a kinesiology session we work with a person’s Mental/Emotional, Chemical, Physical and Energy Systems in a gentle non-invasive manner.  We believe this fully integrated therapy will support and enhance peoples health on all levels.  It is particularly useful for maintaining optimal health and helping to prevent future illness.