Systematic Kinesiology helps people to help themselves

Systematic Kinesiology is much more than just a passive complementary health treatment. It is a package of skills and tips which you can use to support your health and wellbeing daily.  After just a short course of treatments we will give you some simple tips to use on a regular basis for continuing home care.

Self-help for better health

Get to know the particular foods to which you are sensitive and need to reduce or avoid for a while. food you may be sensitive too and what to reduce or avoid for a while.

What supplements will be most beneficial to take and for how long

Simple techniques for you and your family members to help you in times of stress and upset.

We show you easy self-help techniques for physical problems. such as lower back pain and other muscular aches and pains. You will rub very specific points on the body to bring ease and relief to painful muscles.

Quicker recovery from pain and injury

When clients become actively involved in helping themselves they recover much faster from pain and injury.

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