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Doyle Dip A.K.
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Riverchapel Wood
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I love to help people, this is what drives me, knowing my purpose in life and always wanting the best for all and my clients, this passion alone is what motivates me. Kinesiology has helped me to achieve this in ways I could never have imagined before.
I first discovered Kinesiology in July 2013 and I have never looked back since. Before I found this amazing therapy, I was searching for answers as to what foods I couldn’t eat and why my diet was getting smaller and smaller. I thought I was healthy enough and all I needed to do was understand what I could and couldn’t eat. After many intolerance tests I was no better off, if anything I was getting worse, IBS was slowly killing my soul, I was over 15 stone, bloated, using steroid creams, and I could never get the answers I needed through conventional methods.
After my first visit with my Kinesiologist, she told me I had a leaky gut, very weak immune system, parasites, an active ICV and sensitivities to wheat, dairy and chemicals. And I thought I was getting foods checked. After 6wks following my advice and treatment plan, I returned for my follow up and I honestly felt like I did when I was a young lad, and I’ll never forget her words when she opened the door “You’re glowing” and I felt it inside and out. And that was only the start, I’ve since lost 3 stone and I continue using Kinesiology for my health needs.
Fascinated by what one visit could do, and this holistic approach to health, I decided to learn it for myself a few years later, and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. Now I can help people get their lives back on track, what better way to live doing something you love.
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Kinesiology is a non-invasive, holistic alternative complimentary therapy that treats more than 80% of our health problems. Bringing the body back into balance on a mental/emotional, chemical/nutritional, physical and energetic level. Using gentle muscle testing, we are treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

Any of the above realms can cause issues with another, that's why the whole person approach works so well (MCPE). For example, your back pain might be originating from an emotional issue, or something you're eating or lacking in, an energy block or simply a muscle needing balancing.