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Hello! I’m Erin a Mexican-Canadian who happened to stumble upon Ireland's stunning Northwest coast 13 years ago and never left!

Happily rooted in Sligo, I wear many hats as a qualified yoga teacher, mindfulness practitioner, nature lover, foodie, dog trainer, and an avid organic vegetable gardener - but my greatest passion of all is Kinesiology!

Now, as a qualified Systematic Kinesiologist (TASK Ireland), and diving deep into Naturopathy & Nutrition studies (CNM Ireland), my mission is to empower others to reclaim their health too.

Let's stop guessing why you’re feeling so poorly.
Let’s find out what's really going on!
Let’s tap into your body's innate wisdom - your own intuitive health - & discover what you truly need.
Let’s start prioritising Your needs, valuing your time & cultivating a richer life.

Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Nutritionally & Energetically.

My Business
Feeling frustrated with your health?

If digestion or skin issues are driving you nuts;
If your hormones are out of whack;
If your joints are giving you gyp; &
If you feel wired, tired, sad or mad – it’s time for an Erintuitive Kinesiology tune-up!

Through Muscle-Response tests, Lymphatic massage, Chakra & Energy Meridian therapy, Self-Care & Nutritional coaching, Food Intolerance testing – & more – let’s pinpoint & tackle root causes of your health issues & work towards lasting results.

Dive into your healing journey with me & I will leave no stone unturned to help you Feel What Healthy Feels like Again.

I specialise in: Emotional Empowerment, Mindfulness, Women’s Health & Naturopathic Nutrition.

💚 Erin
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