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I was born in England where I was reared in the heart of an Irish community, later returning to live in Ireland as a young adult. As a child you would find me in the garden making daisy chains or daydreaming. Simple days connected to nature full of hopes and dreams for the future. Even at this young age, I understood that when you give the body what it wants it can heal. I was intuitively drawn to simple, natural remedies and tools that allow us to get the best out of life with the least effort.

My extensive worldwide travel and wide variety of skills and interests enabled me to explore many passions. At different intervals, I worked as a Retail Shop Owner, an Art Teacher, a Life Coach, a Bio Energy Therapist and a Systematic Kinesiologist. Over the years, my fascination for wellbeing increased and I became relentless about finding ways to relieve people’s pain, whether emotional or physical. And I was intrigued to discover how everything was linked together.

These experiences and insights have culminated in the creation of The True Balance. Here where I my findings so I can help others live their life to its full potential.

My Business
I offer both One to One and On-line Sessions.
One to One sessions are for those who are in a position to travel to my Clinic in Co. Limerick. These transformative in-person, client led, sessions are in Systematic Kinesiology. If you are experiencing any of the following ailments I can help you.

Exhaustion, lifeless, feeling stuck, flat or low, sleeping after eating, feeling unwell after eating, stressed, aches and pains, back pain, sciatica pain, emotional exhaustion, grieving, depression, food addictions, food intolerances, bloating, constipation, headaches, dizzy spells, stiff joints, twist and torques of hips, bulging discs, shoulder pain, gait issues and many other health and wellness problems of the body or mind body.