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14 Beechfield Lawn
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Nuala O Connor has been practicing Kinesiology for over 15 years. She has her clinic in the D15 / Clonee area, but also see clients online.

Nuala has many other holistic therapy qualifications and training that she combines to offer all clients the opportunity to retune their specific stressed energy states - the natural way.

Having fallen ill to a mystery post-viral illness over 20 years ago and also been assessed as having Post Traumatic Stress, Nuala knows what it is like to be constantly stressed with many symptoms of illness, yet doctors having no lasting solutions.

That is why Nuala took the complementary health approach to treating her PTSD and Post Viral Illness State that left her with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, very poor digestion, and very broken sleep.

She now knows that true wellness comes from balance in all aspects of your life.

Energy blocks need retuned and we all have the ability within us to do this.

Nuala helps people to find and retune the blips in their energy so they can get back to living their best lives again.

We are energy beings. Everything we think, eat, do and say is vibrational. Some vibrations will help us and some with not. A food can be too strong for us just as a negative thought can also affect our energy negatively.

We are in constant need of retuning our energy vibrations so we can live our best lives - NOW. Most of this we can do for ourselves, once we have the right techniques. For the times we can't, we have kinesiology.

Book your online or face to face session with Nuala and get your energy tuned to it's best frequency now.

My Business
RetuningME is in the business of Natural Wellness. Life is full of stress. Some of these stressors you can do nothing about, but you can do something about how you manage the stresses that come your way. I want to help you develop daily practices that will enable you to set yourself up for Wellness and Success each day.

All the Techniques I use are focused on Naturally helping you to RETUNE your Stressed Energy States to Frequencies of Wellness - wellness is your ultimate success!

To do this I combine my many years of experience, study and training in a number of natural energy fields to help you retune your stressed energies naturally. I work creatively so help you find what will work for your energy system - offering you a totally personal programme of Retuning.

I offer face to face and online Sessions.

I also have a number of Online Programmes - some focus on Wellness habits and helping you to retune symptoms of stress like Anxiety and Over Eating.

I have also created a Rebound For Wellness Programme - focused on getting you into easy and effective exercise for your wellness. It's an online programme that you can do at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home and it starts with just 1 minute.

I work with small and medium businesses, offering workshops on Natural Wellness in the Workplace.

After doing a Deep Dive assessment of the needs of the group, I create a workshop that will effectively meet those needs - teaching tools and techniques for enabling staff to retune their daily stresses with relative ease.

I also offer workplace staff face to face and online wellness sessions through their workplace wellness facilities.