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My name is Patricia Kearns and my health has improved dramatically since I discovered a powerful whole body, natural therapy called Systematic Kinesiology. It helped me solve chronic lower back pain that I had for nearly thirty years. I got relief from a long standing painful shoulder. I also discovered the reason why I was getting uncomfortable cramps and bloating after meals. I now feel more flexible and have more energy than ever before. I was so impressed by this therapy that I went on to study and qualify as a Systematic Kinesiologist in Jan 2018 I am now helping my clients to get out of pain and live life to the full potential.

My first career was something completely different ….I was a full-time sheep farmer for almost ten years. This involved lots of lifting, carrying, pulling and dragging. I enjoyed it at the time being outdoors and working with animals but I found the work physically challenging. During this time I became interested in aviation and started learning to fly and gained my Private Pilot’s Licence. This led me to a career as an Air Traffic Controller at Sligo Airport. I continued my flying training to become an instructor and through this I met my husband Damien. In 2011 as a result of the recession my working hours at the airport were reduced which gave me the opportunity to train in a new line of business. I did several courses ranging from web-design to dog training which I enjoyed very much. I always had a keen interest in natural health therapy and I really wanted a recognised qualification in this area. Finally after much research I found the course for me Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology.

From my early twenties I suffered from bouts of lower back pain. This started when I fell off a pony and gradually got worse due to the heavy physical work involved with farming. Over the years I attended a variety of therapists to help keep my back pain under control. I also did back exercises, pilates, swimming and lots of walking. While treatments and exercise kept the acute pain at bay my lower back always felt stiff or weak and I had to mind it constantly. If I didn’t it would flare up to acute pain and I would be out of action for days or even weeks at a time. The worst part was I would be bent over to one side. I couldn’t walk properly and I felt very self-conscious. My back pain and the fear of it happening affected my life for years. My biggest concern on my wedding day wasn’t the dress, the hairstyle or the makeup. No it was that my back would “go out” and I wouldn’t be able to walk up the aisle straight. Roll on ten years later and we almost had to cancel a holiday abroad because I hurt my back pulling weeds in the garden.

It was at this point I made the decision that I had to do something about this myself I did not want to continue relying on others to get me out of pain. I did some serious research online and came across the website www.kinesiologyzone. Here they spoke about getting to the root of chronic pain so I decided this was definitely worth a try. I enrolled on the next available course run locally. This was the best decision I ever made for my health and well-being. I discovered that my back problem was mainly due to muscles on one side of the body that weren’t working properly. I got it fixed and learned how to maintain it myself. My shoulder pain went away when we worked on weak neck muscles. I soon discovered that my uncomfortable digestive symptoms were mainly due to wheat sensitivity.

I continued my studies to advanced Diploma level and set up my own business Sligo Kinesiology. What I really love about this therapy is that it is gentle non-invasive and scientific. My background in aviation helped me understand the theory behind Kinesiology. It works on a very logical step by step process where everything is checked and re-checked. It is both an art and a science requiring skill and understanding.

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I help busy people who are struggling with chronic pain, stress and exhaustion. When we work together over a number of sessions my clients find they don’t have to rely on painkillers, they enjoy extra energy and sleep better at night. This means they can get back to enjoying hobbies and sports and live life to the full again.

Using Systematic Kinesiology I work in a gentle non-invasive way on problems such as lower back pain, hip and knee pain, neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain and headaches. I also help with uncomfortable bloating and tummy cramps by looking for the root cause which may well be food intolerance or even stress.

I work from my home near Ballygawley Co Sligo and I have seen clients who have had chronic pain for years improve dramatically after just a few treatments. I really love being able to make such a positive difference in people’s lives. I always look for the connection between different problems and issues a client may have and I treat the person not the symptoms. I see clients Monday to Saturday by appointment. If you think there is something I can help with just call or text 086-8138963