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My name is Helena. I have over twenty years experience in performance, education and the applied arts. I returned to Ireland in 2021 to set up a Wellbeing business and to bring kinesiology to more people. Working with people is a profound joy for me. Each session is a unique exploration, an opportunity to help individuals uncover the root causes of their symptoms. By addressing stored emotions and learned behaviour patterns, we pave the way for the body to regain balance and embark on a journey of healing. I am also a current Course Leader for Kinesiology Zone Ireland and run the Balanced Health Course twice a year in Clare.
My Business
I set up Infinite Wellbeing in 2021. At the moment, I offer Systematic Kinesiology, as well as Reiki and Indian Head Massage. I look at health from a whole person perspective and offer a safe, private and personal space for people of all ages that is attuned to your unique individual needs. Using muscle testing, the body's bio-feedback tool, I work with your body to identify areas of imbalance and stress. These imbalances can occur in the nutritional, structural, emotional and energetic realms and corrections involve a combination of various techniques in these areas. By looking for the root cause of the imbalance rather than just treating the symptoms or illness my aim is to help you bring your body back into balance in order to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

I also offer Reiki and Indian Head Massage treatments which can help to reduce stress and improve overall wellness.

I regularly give talks and workshops on topics related to health and wellbeing. I see people in Limerick and Ennis.

Join me in this transformative experience, where each session is a step towards unlocking your body's innate healing potential.